Fireproof Safety Solutions

FireProof Safety Solutions

We have a passion and desire to help protect families from the injuries that can occur from being involved in a house fire. Here in Knoxville, early prevention, education, and detection is the most effective ways to help reduce the possibility of becoming a victim of fire.  FireProof Safety Solutions' goal is not to use scare tactics, but to provide actual statistics and outcomes our staff has encountered and that have occurred due to families not having the appropriate knowledge, planning, or detection in the event of a home fire.

Knoxville Fire Inspection

(Knoxville and surrounding area)
Fireproof Safety Solutions is pleased to offer instruction on any products purchased from us in the Knoxville area. Moreover, we will show you where the real fire risks are in your home. A Knoxville fire inspection will include things like your taking a look at your dryer vent, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and walk through of your home to help identify potential fire and life safety hazards, and much more.

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